The Thorn and the Blossom: A Two-Sided Love Story

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Yes, you may already know what happens when the characters meet, but you only find out about their backgrounds, their motives, their feelings when you read each story.

It also illustrates the misunderstandings that can happen when you only sees one side of a story. They even make it a large part of their academic pursuits, and I understand why. The implication that Evelyn and Brendan themselves might be Sir Gawan and Elowen reincarnated is less than subtle — but intentionally so.

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The lesson I took away from this love story is that communication is key. Seeing them go through life is actually refreshingly realistic. And while I wanted them to just talk to each other, their motives for keeping certain things to themselves are understandable.

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My favorite parts were the ones involving nature or mythology. Goss is fantastic at creating atmosphere and setting a scene with just a few words.

The Thorn and the Blossom by Theodora Goss: | Books

Characterization is not the strongest part of this very short novel novella? The ending is left open, but hopeful.

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The Thorn And The Blossom: A Two-sided Love Story

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It was almost as if they were the cursed lovers in the old book itself. When I was contacted to review The Thorn and the Blossom the design and description made me say "yes" immediately. So often I will read one POV in a book and wonder what the other main character is thinking.

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I had never read an accordion-bound book before, it was a bit tricky to figure out how to hold at first. The slipcover that The Thorn and the Blossom is classically beautiful. Are they actually a part of the story? That is something you have to decide for yourself.