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Sadhviji covers the most pertinent issues affecting all of us — how to discover inner peace, find love, let go of anger, know your purpose, and connect with God. Getting to the Ashram.

The Ashram - London Indian Film Festival

Directions to Parmarth Niketan from Delhi. Turn right at this gate. Keep going straight. Ask for the Barrage Bridge. Follow the way to the bridge. There will also be signs for Parmarth. Follow these signs.

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Cross the Barrage Bridge. You are now 8 km from Parmarth Niketan. Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn left. Go straight through the mountains. First you will go up, and then go back down.

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There will be a fork in the road. One road goes off to the right, for Neelkanth. Take the road that goes left and down Head down until there is a left turn. There will be another sign for Parmarth; Turn left. Go a few hundred meters to the first road the only road. It is directly parallel to Ganga, a few hundred feet inland. Turn right.

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Ananda Ashram is easily accessible by car, bus or train. Historical Perspective Ashrams have existed in the East from the earliest period of civilization as places of meditation, spiritual practice and research, higher learning and culture, where teachers and students lived and worked in togetherness. Ananda Ashram was dedicated as a universal center following that same tradition, for the exploration and application of the principles of Yoga and Vedanta through East-West philosophical and cultural exchange.

Since its beginning, the Ashram has introduced and hosted many outstanding teachers, guest lecturers and artists from various disciplines. A preferred platform is given to those who focus on the underlying unity of all.

In its core program, Ananda Ashram strives to maintain a distinguished, nonsectarian spiritual and educational standard throughout. Universal Teachings Yoga is understood here to be the essential harmony and union of individual existence with cosmic existence, as well as the physical, mental and spiritual practices leading to its realization.

Nondualistic Vedanta philosophy declares the oneness of all beings in the Supreme Spirit and the ultimate freedom of the Self as Pure Consciousness, referred to by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati as the "I-Am" beyond the body and mind. Special advantage is taken of Shri Brahmananda's translations, commentaries, books, essays and recordings, recognized as a comprehensive and authentic modern synthesis of the classical teachings. The truths expressed by the great masters, the realized sages and thinkers of various world religions and philosophies as well as of the sciences and arts, are incorporated and honored in the light of Vedanta.

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Note: The contents of specific lectures and workshops taught by guest teachers at Ananda Ashram are not necessarily endorsed by the Yoga Society of New York, Inc. These programs are offered for the purpose of information and education only, and the Yoga Society of New York, Inc. Welcome to Ananda Ashram!