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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Miranda and Bonkers are sent to escort a criminal, Stiff Lips Sullivan on a train, who knows the location of a stolen jewel cache. A mob couple is also interested in the jewels, but Bonkers eventually misleads them to the police station. Miranda and the Tokyo Inspector track Z-Bot only to be apprehended. Bonkers comes to the rescue and traps Z-Bot. Sleazy Lilith DuPrave kidnaps the storks who bring Toon babies, as part of a plot to smuggle a stolen weapon out of the country.

Al Vermin tricks Cheryl Germ a toon microbe and an actress into infecting Bonkers, while she thinks that it is just her role in a new movie.

Red Curtain play opens Friday: They are going bonkers in ‘Yonkers’

Miranda and Professor von Drake have to stop Cheryl before she causes irreversible damage to Bonkers' brain. A lame clown named Gloomy, and his toon frog sidekick, Giggles steals Dr. Von Drake's Humoriser and drains toons' sense of humor. Miranda and Bonkers follow the trail and the clown overloads the humoriser causing his frog partner to mutate into a humor monster.

Miranda beats the monster with a round of gags. Bonkers and Miranda get a ghost to leave the building that it is haunting but now it is haunting the police station.

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Can they get the ghost to leave or will the police station be forever haunted? Bonkers is babysitting Miranda's nephew, Timmy. Bonkers constantly reads the papers when what he reads happen. At the National Trash the boss and her typewriter Hilde abduct Bonkers. Hilde turns against her boss when she realises what she types are lies. Bonkers wakes up to find all this never happened. After Wildman Wyatt is arrested, Sgt. Grating gets hit on the head convinced he's Bucky Buzzsaw, causing problems.

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Wildman escapes and goes after Grating. After a round of ambushes, Grating takes care of Wildman with a large statue. Wacky cancels Bonkers and his friends' show production. Bonkers joins the Hollywood Police with a partner, Lucky Piquel on a case for missing Toons, snatched by a criminal called 'The Collector'. Bonkers gets captured by Doodles during his search for Fallapart. Toots leads Piquel to the Collector's hideout, saving Bonkers. The Collector is revealed to be a human before he gets trapped in the prop box.

Bonkers and Piquel investigate the Hatter's house where items are being stolen. The thieving Toon Handbag gives the duo a hard time, but he eventually reveals his true colours and gives back what he took.

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Bonkers gets Piquel fired and he and Onnie vanish from a toon invisibility substance disguised as bath foam. Piquel and Bonkers tail the crooks that advertised the substance and Piquel gets his job back. In search of the minuscule toon Maggie, Piquel catches Toon Flu. Bonkers and Fallapart try to cure Piquel before he completely becomes a toon, while Piquel stumbles upon Maggie in the sewers and finds the flu wasn't serious after all. Piquel requests Bonkers to invite Skunky Skunk to Marilyn's birthday, but finds he has disappeared after being accused of manslaughter.

Toon tow truck Ma Parker gets into Piquel's confidence to steal car parts from the police garage assisted by Wooly and Bully.

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  • Bonkers reveals Ma Parker's intentions to Piquel and the duo stop the criminals at the monster truck competition. A crazy Toon Bomb who wants to be a stand-up comic terrorizes the city, and Piquel and Bonkers take the case with their new explosives expert, Fall-Apart Rabbit. Piquel arrests Baby Hubert at a robbery scene, while Bonkers assumes he is innocent, but Diamond Bill makes matters worse for both Bonkers and Hubert. Piquel and Bonkers chase Diamond Bill and clear Hubert's name.

    Going Bonkers!

    Bonkers breaks the wolf out prison and they arrive at Porkwood managing to uncover the pigs' scam plan. A big toon hamster called Tiny has a stayover at Piquel's house. He's actually hiding from the Mysterious Shadow, revealed to be his old friend Mr. Their lack of experience in the real world makes it hard to get a new job. Bonkers and Piquel go on a case for stolen items and missing toons.

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    A sneaky wolf who is behind this abducts Bonkers. Piquel goes undercover in the sheep factory to save Bonkers and the two put the wolf in sheep's clothing. Toons everywhere have gone out of control. Fall Apart takes Piquel and Bonkers to Pops Clock, who is causing havoc due to feeling taken for granted by the toons. Fall Apart manages to renew Pops' faith with a 'thank you', prompting him to fix the damage. Piquel gets annoyed from the repeated misleading weather forecasts caused by the absence of the weather toons: Sunny, Cloudy, Snowy, Sparky, and Toony Tornado.

    Bonkers eventually reveals the disappearance was staged by the weather toons themselves and he traps them in a weather map. Having failed to catch the mastermind criminal Slippery McSlime, Piquel sends Bonkers to police academy, a trap set up specially by McSlime to dispose of the duo. Using toon tricks, Bonkers outsmarts and busts Mackey. Piquel and Bonkers have been chosen for a toon reforming program starting with a toon that eats everything in sight called Louse. The program does not go well with Louse, but Piquel's anger prompts him into behaving. An alien called Cadet Quark sets off to conquer the earth.

    Bonkers makes friends with Quark, while Piquel is seeking a thief Crab Nebula. Quark helps Piquel catch Crab Nebula and asks his superiors to allow him to stay on earth.

    Convicted Max Coody a man sentenced 20 years ago is released from prison and wants to get even with Piquel. Piquel frantically tries to protect himself. Rather than exact revenge on Piquel, Max is filled with gratitude for helping him reform.

    Super Program going bonkers

    A ghost wreaks havoc in the Piquel household, just on the day the Kanifkys invite themselves over for dinner. Piquel and Bonkers investigate explosions of Butterman Bakery's service. That did not work too. Well, now J.

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    Carol Pereyra is editing a magazine with the same name and same theme. The tagline of the new Going Bonkers? I really do not know whether the new Katy, Texas Going Bonkers LLC is related to the first Going Bonkers folks or not, but I know one thing for sure the two magazines have in common: Problems getting advertising.

    So, rather than going bonkers the editors of the new magazines opted to go ad free with there second issue. We rely on the support of our subscribers. Future issues may contain paid ads — but for now — please enjoy this tranquil white page!