Come Back to Me (Military Lovers #1)

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When I miss him terribly, I re-read all our messages to each other, emails, pics everything. It makes me feel closer to him, and I feel reassured that our love will conquer the distance. Not only do you have the challenges of such a relationship, but it feels like you have to defend it against the world. Which can be disheartening. I have faith in us though, and it is us that is in this together, not us and other people. I love him, and will wait for him, again and again.

I love you Steve. Just to give a background of myself, I started off as a military girlfriend in college. During that time, my soldier went through basic training, deployment and was stationed in a different state. It was difficult for me to focus on school and I had to get used to being the 3rd and 5th wheel with my friends. He was distant with me at times and we ended up breaking up once or twice. It was so hard since very few could relate to what a military girlfriend goes through. Our long distance relationship was definitely a roller coaster to say the least…Fast forward 9 years 4 of those 9 years he was in the military , we just got married a few months ago, both college graduates and now settling into our new home.

Given that we overcame many challenges as a young couple, his military life was definitely the most difficult time in our relationship. However, joining the service was the best decision he made for us as it has been the turning point for the better of our love story. I could really use someone with your experience to talk to right now..

My boyfriend left for boot camp two days ago. I am a brand new military girlfriend, and I know that community is so important. He is stationed overseas right now, and I am blessed to be able to communicate with him regularly.

But he and I both know it is so important for me to find ladies who actually understand what I am going through, what we are all going through. We have a relationship founded on faith, which is amazing. I struggle with myself because I never want to be selfish and take his focus off of his work. I know he worries about me often, Is there anything I can do to ease his worry?

He is such a wonderful protector.

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I just want to make sure I am not in any way interfering with his work. I ask him this, just to make sure, and he says that I am in no way being a distraction. But what do you suggest doing to help ease his mind? I think a few things that may help ease his mind are hanging out with good girls who he trusts and limiting yourself from posting things on social media that may make him feel left out or worried.

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In my situation, we both ended up deleting all social media until he came home for good. That actually helped a ton. I am working full time and going to school part time, and that is one thing he encourages me to do constantly is throw myself into school. So, you are right!!! I get to see him on the weekends!!!!!!

I am bouncing out of my seat!!!!!!! I am so nervous, in the best way possible. What are some things you guys do to really make the most out of seeing your soldier? What are some things I can do for him to make him being here the best time ever? Woah, takes me back with vivid memories. I was a military girlfriend for 3. Everything on this list was on point. Ugh, waiting in line for the pass… I wish I could remember the actual rude comment that lady made while processing my pass. She made me feel so embarrassed and pissed all at once. Appeasing to others? Ugh, what a tough place to be.

All you strong, independent women who give your hearts to a service member, keep your heads up, you are everything to him, you do you and be proud! My biggest struggle is family. You can do everything in your power to try and make them see that he is the one and that you love each other more than life itself. But that still might not be enough for them. As the end of the day, what matter is you and him.

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Continue to talk to them about him, gushing about the things you love about him and how he makes you the happiest woman on earth. If they truly want happiness for you, then try to make them understand that HE is your happiness. We began dating our freshman year of high school in and he just started his military career at the beginning of this year. After a year of college, he came home after deciding school was definitely not for him.

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He then worked full time for almost a year before he gained enough support to go through with enlisting. His ship date was moved up earlier twice! I was devastated.

I was just about at the halfway point in my undergraduate studies, and the LAST thing I wanted was to increase our already long-distance relationship. I struggled throughout the 8 weeks of bootcamp from almost 2, miles away, despite having an amazing support system made up of my family, friends, his family and him.

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Knowing that any information about my boyfriend and his time at bootcamp had to come through his family was stressful. Furthermore, the thought of eventually having the same line of communication, but this time for a deployment, was enough to make me feel physically ill. The Petty Officer who had been working with my boyfriend all the way up until he left said I could reach out to her just like my boyfriends family could and did… Except when I did reach out, I was ignored.

This is the first resource I have come across in almost 5 months of looking that has actually designated time, effort, and support to those of us who are very much so apart of the military community, yet do not fall under the categories listed above. And while I am still many months later struggling, grappling and adjusting to this new lifestyle, I am ecstatic to have finally found so much comfort and relevant material on this website.

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So thank you. Great comments Shannon! Best wishes! This really hit home for me.. Does it get better? My soldier and I have had a long distance relationship ever since we started dating. We began our relationship my freshman year of college where I was an hour and a half away on campus and he was back at home. In my senior year now, he will be leaving for his our first deployment in one month.

I have gotten quite close with both the spouses and girlfriends of others in his unit, and while we are a big happy family, the other girlfriends and I do feel a sense of disconnect.