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Die Verliebte The love-lorn lassie. Praeludium, op. Search: Search. All Rights Reserved. Publication Date. First Public Date. Christian Sinding - - Composer. From the West : symphonic poem for the organ, op. Edwin Henry Lemare - - Composer. Franz Schuberts Messen. Otto Wissig - Author. Four old English songs For solo voice with piano accompaniment.

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Four impressions, for medium voice and orchestra or piano. Sir Landon Ronald - - Composer. Four geisha songs. By Dalhousie Young. Young - Author. Four American Indian songs : founded upon tribal melodies, op. Libretto by the composer. Five songs, op. Henry Kimball Hadley - - Author.

Five German poems : for a solo voice with piano accompaniment Cover title. Charles Tomlinson Griffes - - Composer. Fish wharf rhapsody, song for a man For medium voice and piano. Henry F.

For piano solo. Rudolph Ganz - - Author. Fifty songs : for low voice For low voice and piano. Feierlicher Einzug.

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Orgel mit Posaunen and libitum. Richard Strauss - - Composer. Richard Strauss - - Composer J. Doebber - Author. Fatum : Klavier-Variationen, B moll, op. Opus 15 Caption title. Ricardo Villa - - Composer. Une famille de grands luthiers italiens, Les Guarnerius. Arthur Pougin - - Author.

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One should never rely on these kind of datings from library catalogs. More often than not they are simply misleading and wrong. It is better to look at first into Hofmeisters Monatsberichte or search for adverts in contemporaneous magazines. I was glad to receive a copy from Heidelberg pdf. The complete title is:. This actual copy may have been sold some years later. The list of available songs of this series on the first page also includes a version of "Long, long ago" for two voices that was listed in the Monatsberichte only in June p.

Interestingly the piano arrangement is very similar to the one of the English and American prints. That makes me wonder if the editor was familiar with those. But on the other hand the English text used here is not the original one but an abbreviated variant consisting only of two verses with some repetitions that I haven't yet found in any other non-German editions.

The German text is a simple translation:. Of course there is no mention of T. Bayly and the song was sold as "Irisches Volkslied". But strangely it is credited to someone else, to Josef Eschborn , a German composer and conductor, at that time Kapellmeister in Hamburg see Schweitzer , pp.

But it is not clear in what capacity he was involved in production of this sheet music edition. Perhaps he wrote the arrangement. But that can't have been much work. In fact there are more questions than answers. We don't know the translator, we don't know the reason for the publication of the song exactly at that point. Ludwig Erk's version of this song must have been prepared at around the same time as Eschborn's although it was published shortly later:.

Here we find arrangements for male choirs. The first six booklets were published between and and this little collection looks like an attemptto reanimate this series and start a second volume see Erk, Chronologisches Verzeichnis, p.

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But apparently it wasn't a particularly big success. No further booklets were published. This happened to be the last one even though Erk noted in his introductory remarks that "the 8th booklet will soon follow". Here Erk used the text that would later - in the 70s - also be included in his Liederschatz and the Volkslieder-Album , the one I have quoted above in the introduction: a more or less adequate translation of Bayly's original lyrics. By all accounts he was in fact the first to introduce this particular version:. Already at that time Erk had done some research.

But for some reason the song is only called "Englisches Volkslied" and there is no mention of Bayly. Apparently it took himsome more years to find out about the original author. More interesting is his note about the translation:. For reasons unknown to me he would later - in the Liederschatz - drop Fiege's name and only mention "Wilhelm Weidling ". But nonetheless I haven't been able to identify his sources. Fiege" may have been the journalist and music critic Rudolf Fiege , see the obituary in Neue Musik-Zeitung 33, , p. Weidling or Weitling is unknown to me. But that seems highly improbable to me.

My best guess at the moment is that the two translations by these "mysterious" writers had been published in some as yet unidentified newspapers or magazines.

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Otherwise not much more is known. Until now my search for original publication places of Fiege's and Weitling's works has not yielded any results. Schuberth's sheet music and Erk's booklet offered the earliest German versions of "Long, long ago". Apparently there is no extant copy of Schlesinger's original publication of this song.

But thankfully we have a later edition:. In the library catalog this copy is dated as from the s and that may be correct, at least judging from the publications listed on the last page.

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But the plate number - - suggests that it was first printed in the s compare the list at IMSLP, Schlesinger , 3. But there is good reason to assume that this version is identical to the original one from From my experience it is highly unlikely that they have published different variants over the years. It was more common to recycle the same version over and over again.