A Brush With Madness

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A Brush with Madness

Advanced Channel Search. CBS Sunday Morning. A brush with madness Vincent Van Gogh is just one of scores of artists, writers, musicians and other creative people who are known or believed to have suffered from mental illness. What goes on in the brain that might create a relationship between mania and creativity?

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A Brush with Madness by Robin Plummer | Waterstones

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Pflug does an incredible job of exploring the dream-like quality of memory — shifting, changing, and uncertain. But, the memories she explores are literally tinged by the mythic, the unbelievable, and the supernormal.

The Haunting Review: Brush with Madness

Jody and her friends have had contact with the otherwordly through a mythic place where stones are written with words and images that evoke a world beyond our own, and she has been touched by an element of the fey. Jody is a youth invested with the qualities of old age — she is wise beyond her years and is steeped in a deep nostalgia that often only permeates those later in life — she misses things from her past, feels cut off from her places of origins, and senses that things have fundamentally changed while pining the fact that things will never be the same.

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She is defined by an inescapable sense of loss. Ursula Pflug wends her story with twining threads of strangeness and loss, the alienating quality of the past. It is fantasy on the cusp of madness, with characters debating the reality of their experiences and the extent to which delusion may have permeated their lives.

by Plummer, Robin

Her characters prefer to believe that the otherworld is just stress or delusion. It is easier and safer for them to think that the world itself is knowable rather than subject to an uncanny quality, a place infinitely more complex than they can grasp or understand. She allows the readers to truly feel what it is like to stand on the cliff between reality and the mythic, madness and ideas of normalcy. You are commenting using your WordPress.

A brush with madness

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