100 Keys to Freelance Success (Keys to ...)

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I submitted proposals for both small fixed-rate jobs and large contracts alike. It took me 20 minutes from start to finish. It only takes a spark to light a fire. When I was first starting out on Upwork, I mostly applied for a lot of cheap fixed-rate projects that I knew I could complete quickly. Consider it the cost of doing business. And each resulted in a great review which bolstered my profile.

Commit to the Freelance Lifestyle

Remember, you can scale up quickly as steady work begins to trickle in and you have those first few reviews under your belt more on that later. Part of being a successful freelancer is learning how to become a good salesperson. Presenting yourself as a knowledgeable professional who understands the needs of your client is crucial when it comes to winning contracts. Make your cover letters short and sweet but poignant. Aim for words or less. No one wants to read a novel.

Make sure each cover letter contains the following components:. From this point forward I want you to start thinking of yourself as a small business. And guess what, small businesses have operating expenses. I will make this concession: I think the Upwork fee structure can be confusing to newbies.

The key to being successful on Upwork is creating long-term, ongoing relationships with clients which lessens the fees you pay. And sure, you can find clients on your own without the help of Upwork.

Upwork represents the largest freelance marketplace in the world. They also handle the contracts, payments and serve as that all too important intermediary should a dispute arise.

  • 2. Don’t Follow Orders Blindly!
  • Real Stories From 5 People Who Quit Their Job To Freelance — This Is How They’re Doing Now.
  • 1. Value Is Equal to Money?
  • How Not to Fail at Finding Clients on Freelancer.com;
  • A Handful Of Happiness?

One of the biggest secrets to my success is how I treat my clients. I see my clients like I see myself — I see them as business owners in need of a professional to make their lives a little easier. I use just about every messaging platform known to man to accommodate as many people as possible Slack, Skype, Upwork messenger, etc. I respond to most messages within a matter of minutes, I reply to most emails within 24 hours. I offer a concierge-level service. I am not just a graphic designer.

I am a problem solver, business advisor and friend. Two of the most popular rules to break seem to be:. Both of these actions prevents Upwork from making money. Besides, staying active on Upwork is a much better long-term strategy than getting couple of jobs and then rushing to take your clients off the platform to avoid fees. You know who you are. Over time my visibility on Upwork reached such a peak that I no longer even have time to apply for jobs and receive so many invites on a daily basis that I turn down more work than I accept.

After you get those first couple of jobs under your belt, the key to Upwork success is scaling up quick, and focusing on long-term, ongoing work. The biggest factor that I can contribute to my success as a freelancer is the chip on my shoulder from years of office politics in the corporate arena. I would have done anything to avoid going back to that life. Nothing worth having in life comes easy. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Wow, Morgan, this is exceptional writing. I will print this and use it as a reference. Nothing does word-of-mouth magic like this does. Quick one though, what tools do you recommend for automating administrative jobs? I definitely need to work on my speed! A question for you, how do you come up with a good title for every blog you posted? Do you write the content first before you come up with a great title or do you start with a title then the content? This is where I have a problem with and I just stare at the screen with the cursor being blinking and try to think of a good title.

Hi Tom nice tips. I too have been freelancing for a while and most of my income is based on up selling. I promote books via guest posting, started doing gigs on fiverr and up selled my way to guest posting. As always, great article Tom. Alot of what you speak of is related to two key lean concepts. You are providing outsized value by being reliable. By focusing on your processes, you are improving the rate of flow through your own production process.

15 Popular Reasons to Become a Freelancer or Entrepreneur | Interaction Design Foundation

Just like a lean manufacturer would constantly analyze their assembly line. Nope…competing on price which is what you on sites like that is not a business model I want to get involved in. Useful checklist for all of us writers. I find a slower process, choosing the right words and analogies to be immensely enjoyable. However when it comes to producing a deliverable I agree with the poster that referred to the Lean process — set short term milestones, iterate frequently and incorporate lessons learned.

We may have left the world of meetings and deadlines, but at the end of the day, we still need to work with an eye on the bottomline. Wow, good knowledge here, I was taking notes as I went through. I just started in the freelance writing scene.

The Key to be a Successful Freelancer - VAPORIN is the Answer - 100% PROVEN and TESTED!

Built a profile and just started looking for things. My area of interest is ebooks, but I can write a blog post. Done it many times.

3 Key Lessons to Succeed as a Freelance Developer

Made my first from an eBook recently and they were thrilled with the results. Hit before your deadline if you can. Give quality and give a little something extra.

For example, i wrote the ebook and gave them a description so they could make their job a bit easier when they uploaded on kindle. It took me a few minutes to do so i wasnt out too much. Communicate often. Communicate well. That was so important with my first gig. They loved it and their feedback reflected it. Improvements: I need to get faster.

Much faster. It took me about 10 hours to write nearly 15, words. Gotta get some pep in the step.

The End of Office Politics

That was a good suggestion. Most people would be very happy to write 1, words per hour! Two suggestions, both of which can help freelance writers produce quality content in less time. At least they have for me:. Working from an approved outline helps me self-edit with more certainty and avoid the temptation to overwrite. I think the information in here is very useful. I may be abandoning the website and trying to freelance fulltime.

Although the niche is pretty full with parenting advice and tips… I may be able to get somewhere. Your email address will not be published.